Why volunteer for weGrow/GROPECH

Working with an industry leader is exciting.  We love our jobs and we look forward to coming in every day Monday through Saturday. We are iGrowOakland.com and we are seeking unpaid Summer volunteers with the hope of turning these into full time paid jobs. You’ll meet patients in need and other cannabis industry leaders every day. We are growing and our sister companies need volunteers as well.

Is the largest hydroponics super store in the bay area. Our ribbon cutting and grand opening attracted the majority of Oakland’s city council. Our mission is to create jobs for Oakland and the bay area. We are also the first honest hydroponics store in that we allow the discussion of cannabis by qualified patients. We are looking for floor help with cannabis growing experience to work in the retail hydroponics store. We are always looking for graphic and web designers, illustrators, bloggers, social media and other positions.

Bloom Room
If you are reading this you are probably internet savvy and have a world of information at your finger tips through web sites, blogs and forums.  Imagine now that you are 65, not internet savvy and know no one that grows. These are the types of people that fill our disabled parking spaces and have a strong wish to grow their own medicine. Bloom Room offers consultation, both in store and at the patient’s house regarding cannabis cultivation. Some of our most rewarding moments at weGrow are putting smiles on these patient’s faces.  If you have the desire and skills to help gramps in his garden we want to hear from you.  Our clients want to learn growing not the internet.

Other things
We have a lot on the plate. Reality shows, franchising and our newest project GROPECH. GROPECH offers funding for projects in the public scope. Domestic Violence, foreclosure prevention, community gardening, job training & re-entry, cannabis clemency to free people like Eddy Lepp are just some of our causes. If you find these projects interesting please contact us.

iGrowOakland is a fun place to work but I can't get the boss to buy us lunch. We have a strong desire to create full time paid positions and we’d love to hear from you. You can use the apply button below!




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