Tuesday PRO Days at weGrow!

Each Tuesday PRO Day will feature a different theme and 1-3 handpicked vendors.  PRO Days will be scheduled every Tuesday from 4pm-6pm, with a weGrow staff training following from 6:30pm-7:30pm.  This is a great way to introduce our Customers to your Products, and provide direct hands-on training to our Staff so that we can effectively sell your products after you're gone.  Booths will be reasonably priced at $100 plus a small product donation. 
We will also advertise a 20% Promotional Price on Featured Products for the week following the PRO Day.

Below is our tentative schedule of PRO Days and Themes:

  • November 9th:  The Wonders of Hydroponics, Modern Innovations in Indoor Growing.  Featuring:
    • GrowOp Enterprises
    • SuperCloset Grow Systems
    • SunPulse Bulbs

  • November 16th:  Harvesting and Trimming, Making the Most of your Crop
    • Samurai Trimmer
    • Kief-o-Matic
    • Fiskars
    • GB Designs presents "The Tumbler"
    • Advanced Nutrients presents the "Trim Reaper"

  • November 30th:  Organic Gardening, Mother Nature is the Best Nutrient
    • Rainbow Worms and Earth Teas
    • Organics Alive
    • E.B. Stone
    • Sunland Garden Products

  • December 7th:  Modern Nutrients, They're Not Just for Hydro Anymore!
    • EZ Feed Systems
    • Advanced Nutrients presents their Newest Products
    • BioBizz Organic Nutrients
    • DutchMaster
    • Humboldt Organics

  • December 14th:  Pest Control, Getting Rid of Those Pesky Buggers
    • DynaGro, the first name in Neem Oil
    • Safer Garden Products
    • Doktor Doom Mite Killer
    • SNS217 Mite Spray
    • Ed Rosenthal's Zero Tolerance
  • December 21st:  Cloning, The Gift that Keeps on Giving
    • Stealth Grow LEDs
    • GrowPanelPro LEDs
    • CloneKit
    • EZ Clone
    • Push Kush Clone Deliveries
    • Billberry Farms Organic Solutions

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